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Before we begin, a little food for thought:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers."
Article 19, United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Concerning Halloween - Carefree Children's Holiday or Demonic Day of Darkness

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From: "amy brazeau"

Dear Mr. Chance:

I just got done reading your entire page, and I must say that the shallow and narrow viewpoints you have concerning the pagan religion deeply sadden me. I have been a practicing Christian all my life, and have just recently converted to a more ecclectic pagan belief. I have found that in my studies, the Christians have stolen many, if not all, of their beliefs from the olde religion. From the symbolism to the communion, all of it has a pagan background. I agree. I would also like to mention that Satanic and Wiccan do not belong in the same sentence, as they are two entirely different beliefs. Wrong! You just gave a very valid example why Satanic and Wiccan can be used in the same sentence - because they ARE both belief systems. Just as a Christian is not necessarily a baptist, a pagan is not necessarily a wiccan nor is he/she a satanist. Which is why I use the word OR repeatedly throughout the Halloween pages. I also suggest that you notice the word MAY, which can always be read MAY NOT. Wiccans, for the record, do not sacrifice blood and babies, nor do they do magic for mal-intent. We believe in the 3fold law... which consists of 3 times bad 3 times good. As a christian you may have heard of this law as well. It's called do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That, the last time I checked, was a basic command ment. The thing that made me turn away from the church is the christians like you who turn things into half-truths and blatent lies. christians like me? I did not write this to defend my religion, nor did I write this to blaspheme yours either. Each person has the right to his or her own belief Do you believe that each person has the right to NOT have a religious belief system?. I would only ask that you research your sources before you put out any information concerning my bretheren. I would only ask that you research any background information you can find on the author of any website you plan on emailing your opinions. We pagans do not slam you, it is not fair for you to slam us. On the contrary, plenty of pagans, satanists, and xtians slam me on a regular basis.

In Deepest Sincerity, Amy
Blessed Be friend.

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From: "mary kathryn"
Subject: your misleading web page

Dear Jonathan,

My name is Kathy and I take offence to your using lies and the truth in the same sentence to instill fear and hatred in people. A lot of your information is VERY misleading and seems to be used only for the fear factor that people already have against Wiccans and other people whose religion is not in the mainstream of society.I am not some teenager who is trying to get attention from mom and dad by using loud music and demonic symbols,I am a mother of three children who are attending CCD classes for the Catholic Church.I also happen to be a pagan with Christian tendencies.I have taken a lot of time to learn as much as I can not only about paganism but also Christianity.Every tenent of Christianity can be DIRECTLY traced back to an older source.....in other words it is NOT original.If you believe in the trinity of Father, Son,Holy Spirit(Ghost) then YOU are practicing PAGANISM :o) AMEN Sister Mary Kathrun (the witch!).Before you start telling people that witches are going to go get "trick or treats"to use against them you need to do some more research.I know you will not reply to this letter and thats okay with me....but people like you are why Christians are leaving the church in DROVES.Thanks for readin this letter and i hope to hear back from you. If people "like me" are the reason people are leaving "the church" in droves, I think we should all pray for more people like me!

Kathy(the witch)

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From: havey@gateway.net
Subject: About your webpage..

You are paranoid, you know that, You Fucking Christian hypocrite. Go to your little close minded Church and don't try to influence any more people into your Hypocritical and Fake little Religon. By the way, you are dead wrong about all that stuff except for the symbols except an Ankh is not a Satanic symbol and a pentagram that is pointin upwards isn't either! Shows what you know, fucking stupid hypocrite! Okay

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From: "jcl"
Subject: You are a complete idiot

You are a complete and utter moron.

I myself worship the devil, aka, Satan, Lucifer, Son of the Morningstar; the High Lord of Deception, Father of Lies goes by many names, but he with the long name does not sanction or endorse any of the above listed rituals and/or practices. This is utter blasphemy. And you call yourself an educator?! You are piddly shit on the grand face of our Lord Satan. May you rot in Satan's anus.

God bless.

Delete your page.

P.S.: Satan does endorse the following practices:
1. Church-going on Sundays.
2. Good grades in school. (The learned criminal is the better criminal)
3. Animal sacrifice only on Saturday nights.
4. Tree-hugging
I think this one belongs in the Just Nuts area

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From: Kurt.A.Van Meter
Subject: Your own ignorance

Oh no, my neighbor has a pet cat! She must be a Satanist! Your list is not only mindbendingly idiotic, it is also incomplete and inaccurate. Wiccans, for just one example, do not worship Satan. I sleep in the nude every night for comfort's sake, and many people like to wear black - particularly those in mourning. I believe that paranoid imbeciles in this world are a much bigger problem that the truly rare existence of dangerous "Satan Worshippers".

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From: Lord of the Realm
Subject: http://www.PropagandaForTheParanoid.com/halloween/

Merry Meet...
First of all, I found your page to be quite offensive. You make it sound as if Wiccans, Witches, and Satanists should be reported to the authorities and handled with great caution. Note that the Consitution of our nation protects all religions...Wicca is officially accepted in this country as a religion.
Second, All Hallow's Eve is *not* for the worship of evil. I don't know where you get your information, but obviously it's innaccurate. I advise reading a Wiccan source regarding Halloween...after all, it was *our* ritual. If I wanted to flame Christian Baptism, I would read a Christian source.
You might like to explain more about Wicca and Satanism...neither religion is evil. We don't worship Satan...nor do we believe in this epitome of evil created by the *Christian* religion. We are responsible for our actions because we recognize that whatever we send out will return to us times three. Similar to the Golden Rule.
It seems you based your page on views created by media and propaganda tactions such as the Inquisition, who stopped at nothing to force Catholicism upon everyone it met. Regardless of where your ancestors came from, I nearly guarantee at some point they all practiced some form of paganism before the prophetic monotheisms stormed the continents.
I mean no offense to you or others who share your beliefs, other than criticizing your lack of valid information and possible close-mindedness. The greatest gifts in life are wisdom and knowledge. Listen closely with an open mind and you will find both.
Brightest Blessings!

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From: "Joel Walden"
Subject: a different point of view

I hope you will read all of this letter. I did read it, but I must warn others that this is a long one!

I recently stumbled upon your webpage that talked about Halloween and witchcraft and satanism.
I respect the rights people have to free speech and would defend your right as well as my own. But I have a few questions for you.

But first I want to start by saying that I am a practicing Witch. I know that must make your quills go up. The instant reaction I'm sure you might have is one where you expect me to rant and rave and tell you what I think of you and all of Christian kind. But i would just rather SAY something to you here in a RESPECTFUL manner.
Actually, you have already disrespected me by assuming that I am a xtian.

Again, I hope you will read all of this letter. OK! I will!

For a religion that has been fairly well established for 2000 years (Christianity), and God bless you for your tenacity by the way... It has always boggled my mind why you STILL have to randomly spread fear and paranoia to maintain that yours is a worthwhile faith. Christ was/is a marvelous spiritual presence in this world, and his message is one so pure and so worthwhile that it should endure JUST FINE without having to unfairly attack anyone else to maintain it. Why does a faith that so highly values truth and morality and dealing with people in an honest way have to spread such unfounded, gross inaccuracy?Besides the error of assuming that I have anything to do with christianity, you must not be talking about the same christianity I know. Sounds like you belive that all of christianity is the same belief system taught by Unity School of Christianity. Christians have been killing people in the name of their god for a very long time.

My wife is a very loving and TRUE Christian. I am a Wiccan (Witch). We both respect each other's faith, but keep our own religious identity. I am a WITCH (not a satanist), and I will be personally going with my children (once we have them) and my wife to a local church -- a "normal" Christian church my wife and her family goes to. My kids will have full access to sunday school, the Bible, and church in a regular Christian manner. If my kids become Christians, I will be happy for them, and pray alongside them at the dinner table just like you might with yours. That would make you a hypocrite. I have plenty of friends and family that are christians. I would never disrespect their religious belief system or my own personal belief system by bowing my head in prayer to their god.

Why is it so hard for people like yourself to just let go of the fear that WITCHES and SATANISTS belong in the same hell-bound-handbasket? Why do you have to make such revolting, unfounded accusations and work so hard to spread fear and loathing and hate? Is this the work of Christ? Isn't it just POSSIBLE that Witchcraft is just what we Witches say it is -- a form of Shamanism or Earth religion, much like the beliefs of North American Indian shamanism? In return, I ask why do "people like you" always jump to conclusions?

In case you care, Witches -- TRUE witches don't really care about RECRUITING anyone, or performing cruel and disgusting rites and blood sacrifices, and worshipping Satan. Practicioners of Wicca follow a belief that God is in the Earth, in the food we eat, in all of nature. We love God's presence as being right here in our lives -- just like Christians. We believe in forgiveness, in kindness, in cherishing children and bringing them up with discipline, respect and with love and patience. We believe in respecting the old, and helping the weak and the sick and the hungry. We believe in preserving Mother Earth, because we see God in every river and forest and lake and field and ocean. We believe, like Christians, that we are stewards of the Earth, put here by the divine to care for and support one another and care for the planet we call home.

I am a WITCH, and I OPPOSE ABORTION, I believe two-parent families are best, I believe that you shouldn't steal and hurt and kill and cheat anyone or anything in creation. JUST LIKE YOU DO. I just hope you don't bomb any clinics in the name of the Goddess.

Witches don't believe in Satan, we don't believe in proselytizing, we don't believe in converting people. You can LOVE CHRIST.. fine... be Christian. I can, but I don't. THATS TERRIFFIC! But do you have to blindly and unfairly malign another religion to do it? Why the blind attack on something you have obviously little accurate knowledge about? Isn't that the very definition of BIGOTRY? Lots of bigots would say that blacks are bad because of "this" and "that" is what all Jews are like "that", and all American Indians are "THAT" way... lots of ignorant, generalized views based on what they hear about. If I judged my first encounter with Chritianity based on my earliest exposure to it, I would say you ALL are bigoted, controlling manipulators who take people's money and promise salvation for it.

But we both know that is not at all true of the REAL teachings of Christ.

I'm not really sure why I am even trying to tell you this. If you could make such a fear and hate-filled page -- I fully expect you to pass me off as yet another Lucifer-loving-infidel who wants to confuse poor good Christians. I guess I am sick of lies and misinformation and defamation being spread like it is on your page. I'm glad you are sick of lies, misinformation, and defamation. I only wish that you would investigate everything you believe to be lies, misinformation, and/or defamation. Knowledge is power. Use it.

I wonder if even an OUNCE of reason can lie within the mind of someone like yourself. I dont mean to be rude. I am sorry if I offend. But have you ever gone to a webpage on Wicca -- NOT satanism or any sick crap like that... I am talking about the Earth religion of Wicca, and seen any accusations as wild and revolting about Christianity like you have made about my faith??

Have you ever even bothered to ASK a Wiccan/Witch what he or she believes?

Have you ever looked into HOW the Romans first persecuted and unfairly maligned the EARLIEST Christians? They did their best to STAMP them out of existence. If you didn't denounce your alliegence to Christ, you were fed to the lions. If you DID denounce Christ, you were merely blinded in one eye by a dagger, and your achilles tendon in one leg was cut, and you were made into a slave -- forever marked as a "former" Christian. And you can bet that the Romans made up sick stories about the "secret rites" and practices of the Christians too -- spreading disgusting, inhuman propaganda to help scare people away from it.

All of it was unfair and was an utter perversion of the truth. We both know that. But here is a shock you may not want to face. You are doing this exact same thing to another people NOW with the content of your webpage.

I wonder if you have the courage to see any truth in any of this. I fully expect either no response, or one so thick with bigotry and ignorance that conversation is pointless. You will go on being convinced that Witches are ALL evil, laborers for that judeo-christian figure, satan.

I don't believe in converting people to my religion. But I find malignant and abhorrent defamation something that I can't just sit back and watch someone do. COULD YOU??

I guess I have a useless belief that someday I might be able to help one Christian give up their fears about this. Maybe you would even have the courage to publish this letter on your webpage for a contrasting view. Now there I probably AM dreaming...

If you care to respond with a civil and reasonable letter, feel free to do so. I am also on the ICQ network and would welcome an online chat on the topic. I would be happy to chat about it as two open minded religious people who would like to promote better understanding and harmony. Maybe you would even learn enough to see that YES, there are evil people and religions out there... but true WITCHCRAFT (i.e. WICCA) is not one of them.

If you can't leave your fear and paranoia behind you, just discard this letter and forget you ever heard from me, and return back to your closed little world of intolerance and ignorance. I hate to be so blunt with a total stranger, but I don't have any other way to say it.

ICQ#: XXXXXX You can get ICQ, a chatting and online connection program from:


It is a very cool online program that I think you would enjoy. There are a lot of chatting groups, Christian and otherwise.

Blessed Be,
Joel Walden

Mr. Walden, I respect your opinions. I do not respect your assumptions. You made tons of assumptions about me without gaining any background information beforehand. If you had done a web search on my name, you'd probably had discovered the truth about the Halloween page. You may have still disliked it, but at least your email to me would have had the power of knowledge behind it. That, more than anything else is what this site is about. Sincerely, Jonathan C. Chance

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From: Damian Ballam
Subject: Halloween?!

greetings Mr. Chance....

Be warned! This is a long one! I was just browsing through the internet, and upon searching for entries pertaining to witchcraft, I found your so-called public service announcement about halloween. I would very much like to seriously address the issue with you, without getting into a heated and emotive argument, as I am aware that such arguments cloud one's judgement, and rarely achieve any satisfactory end.

I must object to the article you have placed on the internet (http://www.PropagandaForTheParanoid.com/halloween). I feel that it is not only my right, but my obligation as both a pagan and a human being who is sincerely searching for objective and impartial truth, to raise this issue with you.

Firstly, I must object that you have associated witchcraft with satanism. This is a funamental flaw. Paganism is nothing to do with satanism. In order to be satanic, one has to believe in satan, and since pagans do not, then we cannot be satanic. You may as well call a buddhist "satanic". I admit to having no nkwoledge whatever of satanism, so I concede that what you say may well be true, and that satanism is a great concern, as is any other extremist belief system. You do not have any right though, to imply that witchcraft and satanism are synonymous. This is an unquestionably ignorant and unprovoked attack on what is probably one of the most benign belief systems in existence.

I must ask you if you have any knowledge whatever of the beliefs and practices of modern pagans. I have a rudimentary understanding, but I know enough to realise that you are at fault, and are performing a great injustice to a little understood and wrongly persecuted religion.

Paganism is, as you will find from reading any book in any high street book store, a belief system which holds ALL life sacred. A classic pagan ethic is "if it harms none, do what you will"( i admit the wording is my own, and not as good as other versions I have heard!). We believe in the fundamental right to follow your own spiritual path, as searching for things for oneself is a much better and more reliable teacher than simply copying our knowledge from a book. We are prone to changing our practices, and often do not adhere to one specific teaching....giving your authority to one particular teaching or way of thinking is, to me at least, rather restrictive, and prevents us from savouring the true diversity of life and experience.

Witches may well have made use of the objects you describe. You have to ask yourself why. Witches were persecuted and hunted down, so they conducted their rituals in darkness. Apart from this reason, because of their respect for nature and the belief that nature is divine (a pantheist outlook, I believe), then it is favourable to conduct rituals in a place where one can be with the things one holds dear...the trees, the sky, the rivers. Under these circumstances, witches would HAVE to use lanterns, and wear cloaks to keep out the cold. Sure, a lantern may be used to frighten others away, but that's because if they were discovered, they would no doubt be accused of ungodly deeds. Witches' secrecy was probably more to do with self-protection.

As for halloween parties being in some way attracting demonic forces.... Well, I would very much like you to define "demonic forces" for me, as I don't think I fully understand what you refer to. As a rational human being (and leaving my pagan beliefs aside for a moment), I have to question how a party can evoke demons. You refer to the symbolism of trick-or-treating, lanterns, cloaks and so forth as having the power to conjour up spirits. This is surely impossible. A symbol only has power if it is understood for what it is. The events of a halloween party may be symbolic of pagan beliefs and customs, but they have become so distorted, so commercialised as to be practically unrecognisable. If children are bobbing for apples, and they only see the evnt as "bobbing for apples", then there is surely no problem.

As for witchcraft being a "problem", I urge yourself to answer this - Would you consider it a "problem" if sikhs moved into your neighbourhood? Or buddhists? Or Jews? If so, YOU have a problem, and one which could lead to much unnecessary suffering, feuding, persecution and maybe deaths. Did humankind learn nothing from the tragic events of the 2nd. world war? Are we still so closed minded, so arrogant that we cannot accept anything other than our own beliefs? Witches are no threat to you....satanists may be another story....as I said, I have NO knowledge of their beliefs or practices. Do you actuallly KNOW any witches? Do you/would you give them the chance to voice their views on life and religion before you attacked them?

For the sake of free human thought, I urge you to TRY to be more objective, to LEARN the truth about the subject matter yo attack, and maybe you will see that WE ARE NO THREAT.

Your article was short, used large type, made catchy, sweeping statements, and was deliberately intended to induce fear in those who read it. As a student of psychology, I am aware of the tricks people can use to persuade a gullible populace. I know how easily lead people can be...especially if the person doing the persuading passes themself off as some kind of authority, with access to truth. We pagans DO NOT seek converts, we come to these beliefs freely and in our own way. We do not claim to know the truth, we just look for it throughout our lives, in a way which harms nobody. Which one of us - me or you, is more dangerous to society? An open-minded searcher, or a dogmatic scare-mongerer, who hates what he doesn't understand?

I look forward to a reply from you, and hope that one day, we may come to a happy conclusion to this misunderstanding.

Yours hopefully,
Damian ah Okay - you're right. PLEASE! NO MORE lectures!

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From: MCarr10073@aol.com

A PERSON WHO HOPES U DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Traci Sharp wrote:


Blessed Be you uneducated fool.
Traci Sharp
Traci, It's an honor to share your so called pagan opinion with others. Have a nice day!

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George Hofbauer wrote:

To the fucker who wrote the Halloween SHIT,
I am the fire that comes to roast you. I swear, one day, you will meet someone who really will kill you. You are a fuckin' asshole and I hope you find your place in hell. The stuff about witches and wiccans is not true. My best friends are witches and I love them with all my heart. They are not evil. In fact, I've been to their rituals and they have nothing even remotely evil or dangerous. Wiccans and witches are peace loving people. They worship a Goddess, a God and nature. Their main rule is 'Harm none.' This means that I can't hurt you no matter how much I may want to. This Halloween, I joined in on a ritual. We blessed all humanity. I would like to say this doesn't mean you but unfortunately it does. I know my friends are not evil and I'm not evil. I can't speak for the satanists in this world because I don't know what they're all about. Witches and wiccans don't even believe in heaven, hell and the devil. If you don't know for sure what you're talking about, don't speak or write. In this case, don't breath.
An unkown with more knowledge than you will have in your whole life however long it may be. Please, for the sake of all of us, make it short.
George, have you considered running for president of the Friends Of Pagans League?

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cyrptico@wnclink.com wrote:

In response to your bull shit web page telling the so called truth of Halloween. You don't know jack shit you unholy bastard! Halloween might used to have been a day for ritual black mass gatherings but today its purely commercial and just plain fun for all ages. I've been to hundreds of Halloween parties and have not yet seen someone that fits your "witch" or "Satanist" description. The worst I've seen there is maybe a beer or two but no sacrifices or rituals. And I've seen and actually been to the houses of many perfectly normal Christian people who own more than one pet and are definitely not witches or cultists with magical familiars. I've moved seven times in my life and have not yet seen your so called evil symbols anywhere except one anarchy symbol left by a rebellious teen and most of those symbols aren't really even symbols of witchcraft! So before you go spreading your paranoiac beliefs why don't you check your facts and leave your bullshit opinions to yourself!

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DSPStack@aol.com wrote:
Christianity ignites the ignorance if all those who follow its outdated precepts. It teaches hostility toward everything different. It will have to change in order to adapt. Think about that.

You should create a website and expand on this concept!

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Boobers920@aol.com wrote:
please get off your self-righteous high horse and join the rest of the world I have three tatoos one of which involves a satanic symbol and I am far from a satanist in fact I don't even consider Satanism as a religion!! I bet your gonna piss off a bunch of satanists with that comment. You need to lighten up and not take everything as a religious statement. Anal retentive people like you are what make life for a normal person a living hell. In my opinion Anton LaVey is a very intelligent man who decided to make a dream (of his) come true and there were other people who happened to enjoy the same things; personal success, personal pleasure, and living life for today and not screwing with what assholes like you think of them! I applaud them for that. You have no reason to even call yourself a person. People let other people live their lives in peace with out having to worry about someone pretending to be holier than them. Fuck your holiness, fuck your religion, and fuck you! You have the right to have your own opinion, but you infringe on my rights not to hear them, so please let me and anyone else that you seem to THINK are wrong alone. Thank You!

Did I force boobers to read a single word I wrote?

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Blunted999@aol.com wrote:

You are the most paranoid Schizo Fuck in the history of mankind!! The actions of the few shouldn't damn us all. If people believe in satanism that is their right. The following is my favorite sentence. It's narrow-minded people like you who drive people to become Satanists and Witches. Another thing, your warning signs on how to recognize whether or not someone does belong to these branches of the Dark Faith are the stupidest thing I've ever read. If you have any basis for these warnings please let me know what they are, otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave people alone.

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I just wanted to tell you that I found your homepage discriminating, disgusting and very offending. You are so wrong about all of those things which you're trying to shove down people's throats. Public Service announcement? Please. Before you start trashing other people's holidays, do some studying first. There is nothing, and never has been anything demonic or evil about Halloween. It's also called Samhain, which is the Pagan New Year. It's a celebration of nature, of life over death. Get it straight and stop putting down people you know nothing about. True Witches never do harm to anyone, in fact, it's our duty to help people. We don't worship an evil deity, (that would be known on your terms as 'satan') We don't even believe he exists. The reason we live in a world of hatred and fear is because of people like you Like who?. Open your heart and mind to all people, and try to learn new knowledge for crying out loud. Don't spread vicious rumors.
Respectfully Yours,

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From: DeVurmos
Subject: IGNORANCE!!!

Ignorance truely is bliss
Some of your information is correct,however, most of it is bullshit! Correct
We Satanists may not advertise,but we do not hide ourselves either.
Why dont you pull your head out of god's ass Which god? and stop living in the middle ages.
Welcome to the REAL WORLD!!!
Satan is everywhere!!!!!!

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From: Sara Shoemaker

Look! I am wiccan and yes it may be a pagan religon but it is in no way bad. todays wiccan does not practice "black magic" because anything we do comes back to us good or bad the times worse. we do not go looking for children on halloween. and i know plenty of people who enjoy being naked that are not wiccan. And please, more than one pet. lots of people own more than one pet. and lots of people call their pets differant names. And i in no way conjure up demons. so why dont you just shut up and stop being so paranoid Who is being paranoid?. We do our thing, you do yours. And if you do see symbols everywhere its from teenagers because a real cult wouldnt leave their mark eveywhere because that is the quickest way to get caught. Grow up. workin' on it!

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From: Zanne321

Are you aware that the main tenet of Witchcraft , the Wiccan Rede, is: "An' it harm none, do what thou wilt" ? Hmmmm, I think I've heard that before What this means is.... Do what you will, but don't do anything that will harm another. Does this sound like an evil religion? No. Does "Love thy neighbor" prove that christianity is a "nice" religion Please learn a little about Wicca before placing it with Satanism. They are very different religions.

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From: Dave
Subject: Any excuse for hating

Thomas answered and said, "What can we say in the face of these things? What shall we say to people who are blind? What instruction shall we give to these miserable mortals? They say, 'We have come to do good, not to curse,' but add, 'If we had not been born in the flesh, we would not have known about sin.'"

The Savior said, "This is true; do not think of them as human beings, but consider them as animals. For as animals devour each other, so also people like this devour each other. "Moreover, the kingdom is taken from them, since they love the delights of the fire, they are slaves of death, and they revel in filth."
--The Book of Thomas, Nag Hammadi codex, translated by Marvin W. Meyer
I thought this passage beautifully described you - not the ones you desire to be your enemies Interesting description. BTW, I desire no enemies,. As Jesus said according to the bible many times, "He who has ears, let him hear."

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From: Troy Stewart

You are a very funny man some people get my sense of humor! I must say you illustrate I can't draw exactly what's wrong with the world,... Bigotry, and ignorance! the cornerstones of all the bloodiest wars in history!
I thought religion was the cornerstone of all the bloodiest wars in history!
Most Some of us Pagans laugh at you, I think you add fuel to the fire! You know nothing of us, maybe someday you will have a change of heart, I hope for your sake! I can still see you as human, a misinformed one, however, I don't look at your religion Huh? or background, or slam it. I have a great deal of friends that are Christian, In fact my wife is christian, and although we don't follow the same religion, we have a lot of respect for each others path.
you see, we all walk a path that is true for us, Witchcraft believes that all paths are true if you follow with a true heart, and harm none. Anyway I've said my peace, I know you won't see my point anyway, but in my heart I bind you from harm, and hope you one day find love in all things and put your hate away!

Blessed Be!
Lord Stewart
High Priest, 2nd degree
Firelight Coven,Church of Wicca

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From: Troy Stewart
Lord Stewart wrote back!!!
Subject: HA HA HA

I just sent you hate mail!!! I can't believe I did that! I just set myself up for you! oh well, have fun, You just get your rocks off at other peoples expense, then play the ego thing by being critical of their responce! I guess I can understand that, I think. In a way I think it's funny! (Funny is that I walked right in to it!) But I must say i'm grateful, you taught me not to be so quick to judge, something I do rather well. so....Thank you!
Blessed Be!

Lord Stewart High Priest 2nd degree Firelight Coven, Church of Wicca.
It's a pleasure serving you Lord Stewart!

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From: John Hocknell
Subject: Liar

All I have to say is: Remember one of the Ten Commandments,"THOU SHALT NOT LIE." Guess what? You did!
Hinduism. Garuda Purana 112

Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment that you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, "Let me take the speck out of your eye," when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.

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I smile when I read this one

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From: David H. Holtzman and company
Subject: Now is the chance to ask yourself, "Am I crazy?" WE THINK SO!

~~Compilation of Helpful Criticisms~~

ok now guy, this has gone way past extremist! What the hell are you? Human Some sort of lunatic? Nope All the examples that you gave about how somebody could be a witch or a satanist can apply to any person who has a free mind Free minds are pretty rare these days. I know several people who meet all the criteria that you gave, and guess what? They're not satanists!!!! Jesus christ man, oh wait did I offend you by using the lords name in vain? Not in the least So sorry, my bad. You really need to get out into the "real world" someday. You know, I'd say about 99% of the people that I know (and I know alot of people) hate people like you. people like you people like you people like you people like you people like you people like you people like you
See below for my true feelings regarding the lovely statement, "people like you"

- The Mad Bohemian

.... Greetings and Salutations my dear extremist friend. As I was reading the examples you gave of a satanist or a witch I thought to myself, WOW!!!! I didn't know I was a witch. How enlightening. Thank you. Your welcome
- anonymous informer

Come out into the real world. It's nice out here... pretty birds, trees, flowers.... maybe even REAL PEOPLE.
Au revoir.
- Lucifer such a cute name (I live in the real world. You don't- how y'gnna fight me?)

Hey, guy.... the person who wrote the first critique? He knows me and HES RIGHT!!!! I *DO**** HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You don't even know me. How can you hate me?
- one of the mad bohemians friends.

I saw the rest of the criticisms (we were all here writing these as we came across your page) and I figured I'd add a little more so, mayhap, you'd understand.
Let's start off with a tip from the book of reality. Individuality is an asset. Amen! There's nothing wrong with sleeping nude. Amen!There's nothing wrong with liking your cat. You should always love your pussy! There's nothing wrong with happening to think that black is a flattering color on you- numerous angst-ridden teens are wearing black nowadays, wake up my love! Good morning Sweetie!
Now lets start off with another tip, you are extending your ideals and beliefs upon masses of innocent children who might stumble across them. Damn, but that's sad.
I hope that any children smart enough to access the world wide web, will be educated enough to not believe everything that is in print. Remember the Good Times virus?
Just because you have a tree (some people have a stick but YOU, my love, have a tree!) up your ass doesn't mean that you have to try to grow one in other people's asses. Thank you very much but I don't enjoy MULCHING MY UNDERWEAR! ................ I thought I'd breifly allow myself to lose control as people like you annoy me. The Mad Bohemian was right. I do hate people like you. Too bad, I like you style.
- Un Choufleur Vert Ennuyeux.

LOOK OUT!!! OH NO! BE CAREFUL! The *real world* might intrude upon your sorry-ass-fantasy-laden-boring-normal-christian-minded-right-winged person. :) LOVE YOU! :P
I'll pick this apart. I've been told that I have a great ass, not a "sorry ass". Fantasy laden - I do have a pretty active imagination - I'll plead guilty to this one. Boring - maybe to you - Way too busy for me to be bored. Normal - Haaaaa! CHRISTIAN MINDED - If there was a god(dess), he/she would strike you down for calling this heretic that foul word. Right winged person - Isn't strange that I want to visit Amsterdam?
- La Vaca Loca

Is that the most judgemental group of friends you have ever seen?
I bet they are a blast at parties!

Just a liner

From: Marty Adkins

Reading your website, i didn't know whether to laugh or cry. With the greatest respect, you have certainly been given some amazing misinformation.

First off, please don't lump Witches with Satanists. We Witches (Pagans. Wiccans) don't even believe in Satan, much less worship him. We find Satanists as sick and creepy as you do, and we follow a PEACEFUL, POSITIVE, HIGHLY ETHICAL nature religion. I know you believe all religions but your own are somehow tools of Satan, but it is simply incorrect to say that we are Satanic cultists in the sense you mean.

Witches (Pagans) don't celebrate Black Masses or any other kind of Mass. We are not enemies of Christianity, and feel no desire to parody or distort its ceremonies. Our own are beautiful and ancient, and we love them as you love yours.

The vast majority of us stay away from channeling. Most of it is a racket, and we're as aware as you are that the real thing is dangerous. As for shapeshifting...gee, if we could do stuff like that, we'd all go on the stage and get rich.

Using Trick or Treat to get things to use in evil spells/ I dunno about the Satanists, but we Witches have VERY strong rules against casting any spell that would harm someone or take away his free will. That prohibition is so strict that most of us won't even send someone healihg energy (the main use of magick) without his permission.

Black candles don't symbolize evil to us, though they do to Satanists. We use black for the kind of *legitimate* binding/ending magick used to stop or destroy a cancer , or to get a destructive love out of our own psyches (our own--the spell does nothing to the other person.)

"Hideous sacrifices"?? C'mon now....I'm a senior priestess, I know thousands of Pagans, and I have never seen or known of the sacrifice of anything livelier than a plate of cakes and some cider. Even most Satanists don't mess with blood sacrifice, and no Witch will have anything to do with it....ever. We find the idea repulsive. A large percentage of us, in fact, are serious enough about that kind of thing to be vegetarians.

And sleeping in the nude as a sign of occult interest? I think deep down you must realize how paranoid that one is. I sleep in the buff due to hot flashes. A High Priest friend of mine wears heavy flannel nightshirts even in summer. People sleep how they're comfortable....period.

As for pets being a sign of occult interest, that myth has led to a lot of killings of animals. Yes, familiars exist. No, they are not what you describe; they're just pets with whom one has good psychic rapport. And in the hate attacks against Pagans by some self-styled Christians, they are often the first attacked. Do you really want to play a part, even non-deliberately, in some loony doing that?

Look, we're not your enemies. Most of us believe Jesus is divine, and love Him as a face of the One Creator. I know you believe that's enough, and I recognize your right to that belief. But you have no moral right to commit slander.

2000 years ago it was YOU worshipping in secret an accused of every vileness by the respectably religious. Have you forgotten so soon?
I really respected everything you had to say right up until you made the assumption that I was christian. That pretty much screwed the whole thing up for me.

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From: Rev. David John Bissett

Ran across your stuff while researching Halloween (a serious study).
Your material is a sad mixture of truth and error. I read your "hate mail" (why, I don't know), and do feel sorry for you (more so for your children). Your work does offend my Lord Jesus Christ, and it mocks the reality of TRUTH. I pray that you'll see the light someday. Thanks
Rev. David John Bissett, Pastor, Clifton Park, NY "Proclaiming the unchanging Word of God in a changing world!"

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To: R. Horsley
Subject: Your "Halloween" Facts vs. Myth Pages

This is ridiculous. Halloween is fun for many children and adults, especially many who don't know about any of its origins, don't practice them, and don't care. The candy companies find it a good holiday to use to advertise, the kids get a kick out of it, and the adults have some memories of their children's childhoods that are considered fun and creative.

As you know, I do agree that the web pages regarding Halloween are ridiculous. You may also be aware that Halloween is my families's favorite holiday. We spend more time and money preparing for Halloween than any other holiday or birthday.

When people like you start bringing your paranoid, overly zealous religious dogma into it, you are perverting this holiday for many people, and you're perverting any right to human will or freedom anyone possesses.

I detest the phrase "people like you". You falsely assume that I am religious. I am an atheist. Your statement implies that if I have no religious dogma, I would be unable to "pervert" this holiday. Since I have no religious dogmas, I must be innocent of the crime you accuse me of.

How is "Satanism" or "cultism" any different from the Judeo-Christian religion, anyway? All of them believe in absurd neo-mystical "Gods," practice regular "rituals" or "purifications," and hope to someday be rewarded by their deities for their "devotions." If anything, you are not putting down Satanism or cults for the sake of anything better--you're merely saying that because you believe in a more publicly-accepted cult, you are on the side of right.

Am I? Where in the document does it make any references to christianity?

Unfortunatly, God doesn't exist. Don't get into an apoplectic fit--because no deity exists. Hate to break it to you, and I know you won't be convinced (religious zealots never are), but there is no consciousness of any kind running the world. We are all conscious beings. Guess what? That means you're going to have to actually be RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS AND THOUGHTS!!

I am already convinced that god(s) doesn't exist. But, if I was, would that be reason enough to add the "religious zealots" comment? Do you sincerely believe that "religious zealots" can "never" be convinced that gods don't exist simply because they are, as you call them, zealots?

Personally, I don't practice any "rituals" or believe in anything except my own abilities and competence. I enjoy and always will enjoy Halloween because it is a time when people can enjoy a bit of chaotic fun without feeling pressures from people like you.

If you delete the unnecessary statement "people like you", I'd agree with this paragraph.

Hey, can you justify Christmas? After all, everything surrounding Christmas, or even Easter, all involves symbols taken from what was once regarded as another "freakish" or "disgusting" cult--the Christians.

In my opinion - Christmas is the most vile of holidays. First the celebration of winter solstice is, as you would say, perverted by christians. Then the corporate world perverts the already perverted celebration and turns it into the single most glorified store wide sale on this planet. So the answer would be NO, I can not justify christmas.

The fact is: Halloween is fun for people who want it to be fun. Obviously, you don't fall into that category. You want people to have as little joy as possible that isn't sanctioned by you or your "God." But I don't blame your intention--that's the point of any religion.

Obviously you made another assumption.

Have a nice day.

Thanks, I always do.

Just a liner

To: R. Horsley
Subject: BTW (R. Horsley wrote back)

I do know what your point was, in these exercises. But there's a problem with your logic--somehow, you think that choosing such deliberately "paranoid" and "controversial" things, and taking an obviously daring stance, will give you objectively blank statistics for who will and won't jump to conclusions.

I am not attempting to obtain statistics on how many people jump to conclusions. I am trying to TEACH people not to jump to conclusions and to read more carefully.

But the flaw is this: you apparently don't believe in any of this, you're just doing it to prove a point that is only proven by reponses. Obviously, it's not a truthful cross-section of people. Only people who respond count--big deal. That's kind of like saying "I'm going to find out what percentage of the population commits burglary by counting only the burglars." Your point in these exercises will ALWAYS fit your theories, because you only use evidence that proves your point, you don't look for the complete evidence, which might prove that the majority of people in the world don't give a crap, either way.

How is my not believing in it a flaw? I'm not looking for a cross section of anything. If I can teach ONE person to investigate any belief system or stated belief system, I have made this world a better place. If I can make anyone understand the use of the word MAY, I have made this a better place. If I can show one person that they are a hypocrite, I have made this a better place.

I responded to your Halloween commentary, but I realize now, in reading more on your site, what you are doing. And it's dangerous. Not because you believe it, but because you don't. You completely understand the nature of what you're saying, and what effects it brings about in others, yet you're still saying it, just to get a rise.

You don't realize what I'm doing. You have an opinion of what I'm doing that differs from mine.

It's terrifying. I equate you with Ellsworth Toohey in Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead." You realize that there are great things in the world, and you realize there are lesser as well, but you also know that you have to reduce the world to the least denominators, because otherwise you won't survive.

I do realize that there are great things in this world, and I realize there are lesser as well. However, I believe that lesser things can be made great by knowledge and understanding.

I have a deep-seated concern about what you are presenting on the Internet, to the people that respond, as I unfortunately did so quickly, and don't realize what you're truly doing. You're raising issues unnecessarily, and in some of these cases of the letters you got to riotously-responding levels. It is the same cases of personalities like yourself that create tyrants of the common people. It is hard to fool people like myself, once we realize what you are doing. But you create a lesser species of humankind, so that you stand out. You reduce people to the idiots and right-minded but vehements that answer your sites.

My deep-seated concern is that people react too quickly to things they do not understand. The issues I'm raising are that if we all investigate (i.e. - look carefully at the wording, check all footnotes, follow a web sites links, and make sure we are starting at the root of a directory) any belief placed on the web or anywhere else, that empowers us to make intelligent replies or inquiries.

I would stop. Rather than sprout up pain and argument where it needn't exist, I would rather put out statements of what I truly believed in, what I truly would stand by, rather than say an outright lie just to sit back and poke fun at the dogs that come snarling. You incite a kind of anti-life in people, and that is terrifying. As a devout Objectivist, I must hold to my principles that a lack of necessity is grounds for nonexistence. Your arguments have no necessity, since you don't stand by them in reality. Your arguments, therefore, need not exist.

If I put a web page that said "I believe all people should not jump to conclusions and etc etc", do you seriously believe that anyone would go there in the first place? I used Halloween in this example because a lot of people have strong opinions regarding it. I want people to voice their opinions and beliefs no matter what they are. I just want them to learn that their opinions and beliefs can make much more of an impact if they voice them wisely.

Ronald Horsley

Mr. Horsley,

I hope that I have helped you to understand a little more about me and the Halloween web site. I sincerely appreciate your opinion and comments. It is always a pleasure getting mail from someone who doesn't say that I'm going to hell or that they are going to put a curse on me. It's even more of a pleasure when that mail is from someone as intelligent as yourself.

Thank you for sharing your opinions with me,
Jonathan C. Chance

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From: Smegol16
Subject: ignorant

you are sooo ignorant, witches, espically wiccans are carefree loving people and donot frolic with demons or evil spirits
Fact: black candles are used to ward off evil forces and negative energy more often than they are used to invoke "evil demons" I use black candles 'cause they look good in our house.
Fact: evil demons adr not used in spells by wiccans I wonder if "evil demons" could be used as spell checkers. *I don't use evil demons, therefore do not complain about my spelling!
Fact: wiccans usally hate satanists just as much as you hate all witches I never said I hate a single witch.
Fact: it is a insult to call a wiccan a satanist I never called any witch a satanist. I used the word OR! As in dogs OR cats - that is not calling a dog a cat or a cat a dog.
Fact: anyone knowledgeable aobut witchcraft does not pratice black magick because it will return threefold to the caster and thus you are hurting yourself it you use magick to hurt someone else
Fact: witches are not satanists
Fact: wiccans are not evil, and not all witches are wiccans, so yes, there are some satanic witches, BUT most witches are white witches or wiccans, not satanists
Fact, your page is 99% bull shit
have a nice day :-)

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From: mephisto (aka diablo)
Subject: you are an idiot

ARe you truly an idiot. That is a collection of half truths and lies. You dont even know what you are talking about...why dont you go out and talk to a "witch" and see what they have to say about they crap you are putting up for general consumption. I have a couple of drinks with a witch at least once a week. I also get tons - er megs of email from witches. Does that count?
I could prove by history that you are completely wrong, but I would hope that you are intelligent enough to understand that you are wrong and want to be correct about the things you are saying...just in case you didnt know putting stuff like that up that is totally false is cause for slander and libel...wicca and satanism are considered religions and are protected under the freedom of religion act of the united states. I will defend your right to believe in any god(s) you want. I demand that you respect my right not to believe in the same god(s). As far as "slander and libel" go, the use of the word MAY would pretty much protect me in a court of law.
have a good day
and the goddess bless you

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From: Steve Hill
Subject: Halloween

Just thought that I would take this opportunity to congratulate you on being completely and totally WRONG. You have created the most absurd web page I have EVER come across. This is completely ridiculous!! I can't beleive you called it a "public service"....I could say a whole lot more, but I'll stop with "Ignorance is RAMPANT" It is isn't it?

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From: "Hanson, Tamara RHD"
Subject: misinformation on halloween etc

Hello Jonathon,

I couldn't help it but I had to E-mail you and help you to get your stories straight. First of all, I really think you need to go back to school and take some courses on history. If you must know, paganism was established 50,000 years before christianity was. Women were not the second class citizen that they are treated as now, but they were considered wise women I have always believed that women were the greater sex. Paganism celebrates life, renewal, birth, the earth and everything that SHE has to offer. Witchcraft and satanism are two different things. First of all, there is NO such thing as satanism really? I bet all the satanist who write me will be surprised to learn that they don't exist!or the devil SHHHH! If the christians find out there isn't a devil just think of all the sins they'll commit!. It is just a myth developed by christianity to scare christians or people in general to be good and behave. I am assuming that you are christian You assume too much. I believe that if you believe in god and you believe in the devil, you are actually worshipping TWO gods! If you believe in something, then it will become real, in your world.
Halloween is actually a celebration. It is the new year in paganism. It is not meant to scare people and it's not evil. These myths about halloween were created by christians because in the bible, halloween is not considered a holy holiday or is it simply not considered in the bible?. However, it is the celebration of our dear loved ones who have passed on into a better world.

I was raised a catholic. For 20 years I believed. However, I read, I learnt, I went to school and I realized that what I was being taught as a catholic was not what I wanted to practice. Catholicism is smothering and restricting. I decided that I didn't want to believe in the devil and I don't believe in sin. We are all human, and if we make mistakes the only ones who are going to pay for them are ourselves.

One more point. Isn't it funny that the people in the media, who are murdering or who are evil are those who profess, teach, or practice christianity. Examples: Waco (David Koresh), most recently Heavens Gate scandel, and about 15 years ago Jonesville. You never hear of Witchcraft being the culprit.

Jonathon, I'm sure you are a good person. However, open your mind. Learn, grow, teach, experience. If you don't know what it's about, don't condemn it. Didn't Jesus say, "If your slate is clean, then you can throw stones. If your slate is not, then leave them alone."

Tamara :)

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From: TheCow96
Subject: halloween
First of all the symbol for anarchy, the A with a circle around it has nothing to do with demons or chaos. and wearing black or red dosen't nessissarly have anything to do with satan or withc craft. i wear black because it looks good and i like it not because i worshop satan... I wish you would edit this sight and maby look up some of the stuff you put there...
Thanks for the suggestion. But, I think I'll leave it as it is.

--The Cow96 -- Just a liner

From: lucifer1

Why are you people Which people? so scared of us Satanists? At least us modern Satanists taught under Anton Szandor LaVey. Know right from wrong some of the other so called satanists give us a bad name. And of course christians and the media. well lets hear it? Do you hear what I hear? Do you hear what I hear?


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From: Neonsmile4

I hapen to be a satanist.... Satanism doesnt involve sacrafices or worshiping or masses... Your thought on satanism is the one Hollywood inplanted in your head. Read up on satanism before you post things about it. Satanism isnt a problem. We dont believe in a devil or a god. Satnism believes that man is his own god that there is no higher being! We believe in our selves and not in some foolish god that isnt even proven! I think this is the most uneducated web sight i have ever been to. Oh yeah and your demonic chaos sighn is the sighn for anarch which has nothing to do with any religion! You need to learn about what you critisise and quite being so simple minded... It is people like you that give Satanism a bad name....So Fuck You!!

Thank you for your time

P.S. I have never hurt anything in my life...I dont even go fishing because i think it is cruel, im sure thats more than you can say.... "So Fuck You" is a pretty cruel thing to say to someone. Now, a fish might not mind you saying that, but it might hurt most people's feeling. Practice what you preach.

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From: carolb5t

This is a long one!
I just this day read your article. I know your article has been posted for quite some time, but I'm new to the net and just saw it for the 1st time. I'm writing in responce. Please know now that I do not in any way mean to disrespect you or wish you to think me hostile or unfriendly. Nor do I mean ANY offense. I want to establish this now because as a good christian, you're more than likely not going to like what I have to say. That's OK. Here's how I feel...

I must say you are free to believe whatever you choose. But your statments about witches are NOT acurate. The fact that you lump them together in the same catagory as satanists is rediculous as they are, in fact, just the opposite of one another. Witches practice a peaceful,nature centered religion that does not include satanism, (witches don't even believe in satan. Christians do. You have to be a christian first to believe in satan), and does not promote or approve of violence of any kind--meaning, of course that witches do not sacrafice humans or animals. They do make offerings of wine and cakes/bread same as Catholics do. Are catholics doomed because of that? No, it is a gesture of honor and respect. Witches do not curse people either. Anyoone saying they will is not a real witch, just some high school wannabe who wants the stereotypical storybook mistique to fell important or to stand out. (I've run into such people. I've called their bluff and sure enough, they were just pretenders...and not very good ones either.) Witches believe in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Witches also believe in God, they just call Him by a different name. So what?? Many religions do. Witches, who pay more attention to, and are more in tune with nature/ the changing of seasons/ the wax and wane of the moon (all set in nature by God) are easily able to recognize Him in all creation, in positive and negative energy. Heck, that's evident even in a basic science class. (when I say "negative" enery, I don't mean bad, I mean opposite like a magnet can be positive or negative in it's force. Like yin and yang, day or night. All are created from the same Source and can hardly be thought of as bad/evil) Becaause of their awareness of nature and it's cylces you will often find witches working with/for groups concerned with enviornmental causes, animal protection, or health services. Hardly vicious, underhanded acts. I bet you didn't know that, did you? As a matter of fact, I did.

You, as a christian Whooa!!! What the hell makes you think I'm a christian? , may not approve of other people's religion, but there is no need to slander them. I took great offense to your article. I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic private shools through high school and recieved an enormous amount of relious training and Bible study....as well as religious history(so I know what I'm talking about), and as a Catholic, I'm really sick of hearing christians preaching that we should love our neighbor......BUT ONLY if they are exactly like us. THAT, in my mind is not a very christian attitude, nor do I believe it is how we are to treat one another--no matter what their religion,race, sexual preferrence, favorite color, hairstyle, or what breed of dog they own. There are as many different ways to live as there are prople on the Earth. Each is as valid as the next.

If you believe Halloween is so wrong I don't, you are not obligated to celebrate if I do you don't want to. If you would like to, try to concentrate on the uplifting, festive joy it can bring, or the creativeness it can inspire! I don't think a halloween party is any more like a black mass than a New Year's Eve party is. Have you ever been to a black mass? Can't say that I have. My guess is you have not. So how on God's green Earth can you compare it with a party when they're not the same thing at all? It's easy! You can't rely on hearsay for such a claim from low budget Hollywood movies, trashy novels, or comic books. How can you be cursed from giving a child candy? The very idea is ridiculous Isn't it?. It is a superstious fear born out of ignorance and believed by people who don't think for themselves. These are the very dangers, often employed in the Dark Ages and sadly still used today, that turn people against one another in hate. THAT is far worse than being a pagan, atheist, baptist or Star Trek I may have to dispute this one! ;) fan...if any of those things can said to BE wrong, which I don't believe they are You doing a great job of making my point!. You have the right to speakyour opinion I agree, but yu do not have the right to encourage peole not to celebrate and fill their heads with uneducated fables of what you want to believe to be true I completely disagree with you here. I have the right to put this web page up. You do not have to agree with it or even read it. You chose to read it. You and I don't have to believe a single thing it says. I happen to believe that it is all crap. You chose to believe that it was a sincere expression of my true beliefs. You were wrong. You chose not to follow the P.F.T.P. link on the last page. You also chose not to go straight to the root directory www.PropagandaForTheParanoid.com. Had you investigated the Halloween page a little (very little), you would have seen it for what it really is..

See, I told you that you wouldn't like it. You're right. I don't like it when anyone tries to censor anyone.

My simple point is, there really is nothing to fear but ignorance, intolerance, and hate. If you are going to post a public service message, it is your responcibility to be accurate and to get your facts straight. If your message is to warn, it should not try to cause people to fear and be told to turn their backs on those who do like to celebrate holidays, and to try to find "evil" and "fearful" messages in every nuance. Just give people the facts and they'll know what their options are. People know what's right for them.

This is the 20th century. The Dark Ages have long since past. It is our duty to stamp out such predudices. There is no excuse for anyone in this age of information to be and keep themselves ignorant. I'm not saying you should abandon your beliefs, I'm saying you as a Christian I find that offensive, should respect the rights of others. As we both know, that is the Christian thing to do More people have been murdered in the name of christ than any other religion. Does that make it the "christian thing to do"?. The religion of witches known as Wicca is a legally acknowlaged and respected religion here in the U.S. Even preists and ministers in the millitary are trained to meet their spiritual needs.

I hope I've dispelled one or two myths for you. Really that's all they are. You need not take my word for it, though. There is a website for the Witches Leauge of Public Awareness on the net. Just type the title I've given you and you'll find it. It lists the true facts about Wicca and what witches truly are all about. It mentions all the points I touched on in detail and covers quite a bit more. It offers you the oppertunity to e-mail the operators of the site for questions and answers. You'll also see article of how witches are still persrcuted today by christians of all people, who are behaving in the most UNchristian like manner. These people don't practice what they preach, I've found. Sadly, I find this to be more and more evident throughout the christian community. There is no need for such a senseless waste of time and energy. We have so many more important things to accomplish with our time on Earth. Now that you have been enlightened, and can further educated yourself on the subject, perhaps in your next public service announcement you can explain the truth. whether or not you approve. Facts are still facts. And you and I can in our own way keep the peace, and try to make people in our community more aware and bring all God's children together.

Again let me say, I mean NO offense to you or our beleifs. I just want to help you understand.
I hope this information brings you Truth,Light, and Understading.

Just a liner

From: "Nick"


Where do you get off man. I mean pagans are not Satanic. They do not use evil forces to kill or hurt people. Black magick does that but not Wicca in General. The Ankh by the way is not a wiccan or satanic symbol it is an egyptian symbol which they used for there ceremonies to worship the gods. I would really like to know where you got your information. I made it up - well some of it anyway.

Blessed Be,
Pagan Child

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From: TypeOngtiv

that webs site about the signs of satanism and witchcraft is bullshit!

Just a liner

From: aj242

Look, I understand you really love your religion HUH? but this is way too far.
You are obviously ignorant for if you knew anything about Wicca you would know it is a peaceful religion I already knew it was supposed to be a peaceful religion. You should see some of the email I get from some Wiccans though. and it doesn't care what faith you are of, you are just as equal as them. You are keeping hate alive by telling this to society and re-creating the burning craze Excuse me. It is always been my understanding that the burning times were are a result of christian intolerance and hysteria. You are breeding insanity and hate towards other religions into the hearts of children Hopefully, the children of this planet are being educated well enough to examine closely what they read and to realize they should NOT believe everything they read or are told. I may not agree with some religions but at least I can find enough peace inside myself to be kind to them all. I am 12 going on 13 I guess my hopes of education are screwed and I already know alot more about open mind and open heartedness than you. I find you pathetic. You are more immature than me.

Just a liner

From: Anon
You say that Witches and Satanist do not advertise. This is only 1/2 true. We don't go looking for converts, but we do seek to attract others like our selves who enjoy holoween as much as we do, and would like to make everyday Haloween.

In fact, if you could put this up on your websight:

Avernus Society
P.O. Box 193
South Milwauke, WI 53172-0192

then others who want to know more about the true meaning of Haloween could get information right from the source. We both want to show how Satanic the holiday is, right? Wrong - I want to show how judgemental people can be Perhaps we can work together, dispite our differences. How 'bout I just put your little plug up for you?

Just a liner

From: morgandria
I have never heard such a load of malarkey in all my life! If you truly think about it, all thigs in life can be subverted to the satanic. Trying to manipulate the facts to get across a point is wrong and you should be ashamed Jumping to conclusions is wrong, and you did it! Not fully understanding what you read is wrong, and you did that too!.....Plus, I am a wiccan. A witch. I have never burned a black candle in my life. I have never made a sacrifice in my life. My robes are white. I sleep in pyjamas, and I have a gerbil who is just a pet, not a "familiar". Where did you do your research, the Big Book of Superstitous Nonsense? Nope I am through railing at you now. Go home I am at home and hang your head in shame for being a propaganda-spreading fool! How 'bout I hold my head up high for showing that there are a lot of people who don't or won't read the fine print and jump to conclusions.

Morgandria Shatterstar Probably not her real name

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From: Someone
I feel that you need to find something better to do with your spare time, To suggest that letting your children participate in trick-or-treating, and halloween parties is an act of satanisim is just plain absurd. You sound alot like a baptist prude......
But, I'm not

Just a liner

From: Anon
you idiot how in hell could you put something like that in the internet! Well, I started by getting an ISP that gives me web space. I then learned a little HTML and PRESTO! witchjcraft has nothing to do with the devil. i know i am studying to be a witch!! if i could i would curse you, but we can not harm another or make them o against their own free will so you are verry lucky!!!!!!!! you prick!!!!!!
Maybe you should try charm school first

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From: Brian Cash
frankly i find your page to be mosty full of bullshit! really?
i for one have nothing but BLACK clothes, i do enjoy halloween. i find you need to research a little more before you put this on your page.......you see a upside down star is called a pentacull Is this the new or old way to spell it? a right side up star is called a pentagram(it repersents then human body) as for the aukh....it is from egypt...it was around befor the consept of God or the Devil...as for halloween...well yes it is a dark holiday but you need to check your facts....celtics would dress up to scare the ghost and demonds out of there town and then have a party.... no i am not a witch or do i worship satin I know what you mean - I prefer cotton myself.but i do play in a metal band and it's people like you who give us a bad name What the hell do people like me have to do with your metal band?
YOU FEAR WHAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!! You just don't understand.
let people have fun if its wrong they will have to pay the price in hell not you......judge not lest ye be judged yourself

thank you
Brian Cash Any relation to Johnny? (see my comment below)

Just a liner

From: unknow
When you put up a web page, you really should know what the hell you are talking about You could use your own advice too. For instance, the right side up star in a circle is a pentacle, not a pentagram. It represents the five elements, earth, air, fire water, and either(soul). For another thing, witches don't even believe in the devil There is not ONE line of text where I say that witches believe in a devil, that is something that is believed in by Chrisitans. You really should research the stuff before you put it out into the open, it will help save what little credit Leave my Visa card out of this! you may have. To get to know what you are talking about you really should check out www.healey.com.au/users/garfie/truths.html it will show you just what an ass you made of yourself.
I didn't jump to conclusions. Did you?

Just a liner

From: Tristam

Dear Sir,

After coming across your Halloween web pages, and reading the so called "facts" that you have posted thereon, I felt compelled to write to you, as I am disgusted by what I have seen. Good

Let me explain. You see I am a Wiccan, and I practice Witchcraft, also know as the Craft of the Wise, so I feel that I know perhaps just a little bit more on the subject than most, and can say without a doubt that the "facts", and I use the term loosly, that you have on your website are so utterly false Really?, and so completly unbased in reality, that you are not, as your final page claims, providing a "public service", you sir are providing a "public diservice" by purpetuating the myth that Wiccans are evil, worship Satan, and preform all manner of demonic rituals.
So, you are saying that the act of teaching others not be so judgemental is a "diservice"? Wonder what that means.

As you might surmise, I have run into this misconception in the past. You see people, in general, fear what they do not understand, and very few people, yourself included, work past that fear to atleast TRY to understand. And even fewer people actually pay attention to what they read. So, let me try to clear up a few things for you, and maybe you won't feel so insecure. First, Wicca or Witchcraft and Satanism are two TOTALY DIFFERENT RELIGIONS Did I ever say they were the same religion? Please note the repeated use of the "OR", which implies two different religions. Second, Wiccas DO NOT believe in Satan, or whatever other name you call him. Third, Wicca or Witchcraft is a nature based religion which revolves around the cycles of the seasons, using the Celtic calander, unlike the Roman calander ( used by Christians, amoung others ), hence the holiday of Samhain, pronounced 'sow-in' ( the Irish Gaelic word for November ), your Halloween or All Hallows Eve, is the Celtic New Year's Eve, as on the Celtic calender the year begins on November 1st. Fourth, Wiccans, as a general rule, DO NOT preform black magic, to understand this you must understand magic and spell casting. There are three types of magic, white, black, and gray, they are here defined. White magic is that which is cast only on the spell caster and/or thier belongings. Gray magic is that which is cast on someone other than the spell caster, ONLY at that persons request (the caster recieves no payment of any kind for this). Black magic is that which is cast, for good or ill, on someone other than the spellcaster without thier request. That last one interest you ? Let me explain a bit further why black magic, and gray magic for that matter is so rare. You see there are a few things we Wiccans follow, one is the Wiccan Rede, which states "an it harm none, do what thou wilt". There is also "The Three Fold Law", which states that whatever you do, good or evil, will return on you three fold. Here ends the lesson. Thank fuckin Gawd!

Now that I have hopefully helped you to see the truth, from the lies on your web pages What lies? please point them out to me, I hope you can see the harm that your disinformation creates. You know, I have never really understood why people confuse and do not see the clear differences between Wicca and Satanism (however your pages misinformation sheds some light), I mean Satanism is a Christian religion, can you not see this, or do you choose to ignore it?
I've known for a long time that satan was a christian concept.

It is all I can hope for that this e-mail has atleast made you think, and that the facts as I have stated to you ( and lived for the past ten years ) will help you to understand a little bit of what Wicca is about. By the way, have you ever met a Wiccan, or talked with one? Yes If not, I encourage you to do so, most Not all, as you can see by the amount of hate mail and death threats I get are very kind people, and they will talk to you about it (some of my best friends are Christans Some of mine are too!, and yes they know about me) At the very least I would recomend that you aquire a good book on the subject, ( i.e. one written by a Wiccan Why does a "good book" on paganism have to be written by a pagan? ) so you can get your facts stright. In fact, if you cannot find one, I will send you one. Thanks, but no thanks.

I hope you can understand where I am comming from. It is lies like the ones on your pages, that make me keep my religion a secret, for fear of reprisals, be it at work or elsewere. I do not have the time to explain my religion in detail to everyone I meet ( look how long it has taken me to give you some barebones facts ) and I would not have to if it were not for falsehoods that are passed off as fact. Is this not the United States of America, do I not have freedom of religion, the answer is no, unless I keep it a secret. This is the world wide web, and like the United States of America you have freedom of religion. Just as I have the right to publish my point (even if you don't get it). I will fight, till my death, for your right to believe in anything you so desire as long as you respect my right NOT to believe the same.

Please do not take this e-mail as a personal attack, and I am sorry if I have been a bit less than polite, but I hope you can understand that Wicca is my religion and as I'm sure your religion , or lack thereof, is very special to you and you don't take it lightly, mine is special to me and I don't take it lightly.

--- Blessed Be.
--- Tristan

Just a liner

From: Unknown
i think your getting carried away christianity is far more evil and organized than any satanic group.jesus was involved in homosexuality does that make you satanic. halloween is good fun for kids,leave it alone;go kill another abortionist thats all your kind is good at anyways!!!! Excuse me buckaroo, but I'm pro-choice.
P.S.if you dont believe me about jesus i will send tou proof HE WAS A HOMO
I asked this person to send me "proof" that Jesus was a homosexual. It never showed up - hmmmmmm. Hell, I'd have been impressed if he could have sent me proof that Jesus actually lived.

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From: Anon

"you are full of shit and your halloween site is full of shit to their is nothing wrong with satanism"
Do you think satan will forgive me?

Just a liner

From: ali00akc

Dear Sir,

I just finished wading through the manure you call "Propganda for the Paranoid", more specifically the series of pages you have created maligning Halloween, Witches, and Paganism in general. I hope this was meant to be some sort of sick joke. It wasn't meant as a "joke". But rather a lesson in ignorance, prejudice, and assumptions. If so, I don't find it amusing at all. You claim, among other things, :
" The fact is Halloween has always been a day of Demonic Celebration of the Dark Evil Forces! "
Please support your claim of "fact" here.
MY dictionary lists the following as a definition of
PROPAGANDA: "2. ideas, doctrines, or allegations so spread; now often used to connote deception or distortion."

"There are over 3,814 Covens and 423 Satanic Cults known to exist in the United States!"
Please provide your source for these stats.
3814 spells my middle name if A=1 B=2 etc.
April 23rd is my birthday, hence 423.

"There is NO way of knowing how many others have kept their gruesome rituals and hideous sacrifices secret from the authorities!"
Please provide definition for "gruesome rituals" and "hideous sacrifices".
There are many defintions - pick your favorite dictionary and look it up
You might be interested to know that the FBI did a lengthy investigation and concluded that the paranoia about ritual abuse and sacrifical murders is essentially the contemporary version of the 'Communism' scare from the 50's. The document is available on the Internet. I've seen it and agree with most of it. Get someone to help you with the big words. Might I suggest charm school.

"Here are a few signs that may suggest involvement with Witchcraft or Satanism!" I'd like to point out that this is the most misunderstood statement in all the "HALLOWEEN" pages. You and millions of others neglect to comprehend the meaning of the word MAY. I could have put "Here are a few signs that MAY NOT suggest involvemnet in Witchcraft or Satanism". It means exactly the same thing. Think about it and watch some T.V. commercials.

1. Has jewelry or tattoos of any Witchcraft or Satanic symbol
If someone who has a cross tattooed on their arm stands on their head, are they instantly at Satanist? Yes, if they convert to Satanism at that exact moment.

2. Commonly wears black and/or red clothing
Interesting--do you consider priests to be Satanic or Witches? No They wear black almost all the time.

4. Enjoys being naked and/or sleeps in the nude.
This one is laughably ridiculous. Isn't it?

5. Has one or more pets (Familiars). Familiars are used by Witches and Satanists to warn of unwelcome spirits and people. They often give their familiars 2 names - a common and a magical name.
One would think, if they were stupid enough to believe this tripe, that any animal lover was a practicing Witch or Satanist. The Humane Society must just love you. Love is a strong word. I'm sure they appreciate my donations."

The page on which you show various symbols and claim them to be evil STOP! Please email me at once with the URL of any page that says that I claim these sysmbols are evil. also shows off your incredile ignorance. The pentagram, like the inverted crucifix, has been abused by certain groups, yes, but it is not a symbol of evil. The Egyptian Ankh is a symbol of *life*. The God and Goddess symbols you show are exactly that: symbols of Gods and Goddesses sacred to Wiccans and Witches. They are in no way evil or anti-Christian I never said they were. Merely not Christian. I am amazed that you have not included Buddha and any number of Indian, African, and Native American deities in your nauseating spew of misinformation. I'm amazed that you have misquoted and misunderstood my misinformation.

Obviously, you are not aware of things like religious freedom, or even personal tolerance You have no idea what it is like to walk in my shoes. You assume too much. I pity you Don't bother.. 'Information' like that which you vomit across the Internet is harmful That sounds like the logic of a censor to me - INFORMATION IS HARMFUL. People like you, the ignorant, paranoid types Excuse me, have you ever met me? That is an extremely hate filled, intolerant, and bigoted thing to say, tend to lap up this sort of bile and use it to spread hatred, intolerance, and bigotry. If this is indeed some sort of joke, are you man enough to create a similar page denigrating Christianity? If I made a web page about how much I hate the color yellow, would you demand that I create another page about the color blue? After all, the Bible condones spousal and child abuse, rape, and prejudice, among other things Amen! We agree on something! The bible, when read completely, is the single most violent and disgusting book I have ever read.
How pathetic you are. Me?
A.K. Cosgrove

Just a liner

From: student

Why must such ignorant mother-fuckers as yourself insist on perpetuating centuries of lies and hatred towards a group of peaceful, nature loving people such as pagans and witches? First of all, if we had anything to do with satan, things would be much the worse for christians. There are more witches out there than you may realize, and if we were satanic, we wouldn't tolerate your close-minded, bible thumping, holier-than-thou attitude towards everyone.
You assume I'm christian. You already assume too much
Tell me this: If christians are so good and holy, then why were they responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people all through it's SHORT history? Why are so many preachers and pastors child molestors or sex offenders? Good questions. Since I'm not a christian, you are asking the wrong person.
I can't stand blind, misguided fools such as yourself spreading your infectious religion Could you tell me which religion is mine? Maybe I could sell it or something to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they want to hear it or not Ohh kinda like your opinions. Ever hear of free choice? Yes Freedom of religion? Yes Most likely you have, but, as with nearly every other christian, you don't care I care a lot. I care that you have repeatedly stated that I was a christian, as if you actually know anything about me.. Slavery seems to be the only thing you people know what people?, whether it's enslavement of a race or a religion.
Anyhow, as much as you annoy me, I don't worry about it all that much.Really?
More and more people are learning the truth about us every day, as well as seeing that perhaps paganism is the better path. And notice I said 'better path', and not 'only path', for I believe there is more ways than one to reach the divine. Before long, YOU ME?, as a christian must not be speaking to me, may find yourself to be a religious minority.
To wrap this up, I would just like to say that if all you have to preach about is hate, then maybe you shouldn't preach at all.
To wrap this up, I would just like to say if your paganism teaches you to jump to conclusions and make horrible assumptions, then maybe you should look at your belief system.

Just a liner

From: woodyra

you are so full of shit
its people that preach your bullshit that ruins fun for everyone
Do you talk like that around your mother?

Just a liner

From: u15867

Hey guy...

I suggest that you get your facts straight before you send out notices like this. SEND OUT? If someone sent you the URL to the Halloween web pages, I suggest you write them and ask them to stop.
First: a pentagram with the point up stands for magician, not Satanist. Maybe not a difference for you, but believe me it makes a difference to some.
Second: the Ankh is the Egyptian symbol for life.Something evil there?
Third: the circled "A" is the symbol for anarchy. A political statement. You are one of the few people who have even commented on this. Thank you!
Fourth: you think that people who wear black and sleep in the nude are Satanists? Get real!
I completely support freedom of speech, relegion and thought. But don't boast something you know nothing about. At least do some research and then make your statements.
One of these days a kid will stumble onto your page and be scared of Halloween for life. Not cool. I would think strongly about re-wording your thoughts here. If I re-worded it, you might miss the point - Ooops nevermind - you already did!

Happy Halloween and Blessed Be!

Just a liner

From: PamMJames

I am not sure why you are spreading lies about witches.. yes Satanists are bad all?..but Wiccans are not all?.. we harm none You should read some of the hate mail and death threats I get from "pagans".. that is our belief.. I really wish you would consider not writing such lies about us.. please take time to research what Wiccans or witches are all about... Please take the time to re-read the Halloween pages. Read it all!
Thanks for being the most polite pagan to write me this week!

Just a liner

From: Patrick Clay

Just browsed by your paranoid site on Halloween and I just can't believe it. Do you really believe all this crap you posted? No Patrick I don't. PAY ATTENTION!

Oh, let's see what some the amusing falsehoods YOU are perpetuating:

I have several black suits, some black jeans, and even a black turtleneck shirt. Black socks and shoes too. Guess that must obviously suggest Satanism to you. I even drive a (gasp!) black car. Oh my.
That's amazing Patrick! I have one black suit, several black jeans, a black turtleneck, black socks, black shoes and I, too, drive a BLACK CAR!

I commonly go to Halloween parties on October 31st if it's near a weekend. My birthday is August 2nd, although I have gone to parties for me the night before. Who knows how many parties I've either gone to or arranged that came on a full or new moon.
Oh dear. Incredible Patrick! I also have NO IDEA how many parties I have gone to on a full or new moon!

My wife and I both enjoy sleeping naked in the spring and summer, as well as other times when we have had, horror of horrors, sexual intercourse. I guess you are either not married, your wife and you sleep and separate beds, or you never had sex?
Poor boy. You're wrong on all accounts Patrick. I sleep in the nude 99% of the time. The 1% I don't is when extended family stays over at our house, and then I wear boxers to bed. Sorry to hear you find sex with your wife horrible.

We're really dead here I guess. We have four pets. 3 cats and a dog. While they are devilishly clever at times, we only have one name for each of them officially, although we call them "Catty" or "Dog" at times. Does that count as a secret name? It may have been a secret, but since you told me...
I don't recall ever being in a seance or anything with them though.
But then, who knows what those evil creatures do when we're away from home? If you suspect they are up to strange behavior when you're away, I suggest setting up a video camera.

Did I cover everything? I'm sure you'll find something else to bitch about. I grew up Southern Baptist, then grew out of it as I got older. We're not a demon or witch, we don't have sacrifices in our home, and we thoroughly enjoy celebrating both Halloween and All Saints Day. Your right-wing Christian scare tactics are just plain silly. I'd bet you'll find many people you know do too, and they're not demonic either.

You, sir, are a silly paranoid, and I'm glad you don't live in my FUN neighborhood. I'm glad I don't live in your neighborhood too. You'd probably jump to some insane conclusion regarding my family without taking the time to discover the truth
Patrick Clay

Just a liner

From: Longmont High School

I recently read your Halloween page and found it disturbing. Your facts are misleading, incorrect, and obviously are out of parnoia.
You have proven to me that you know absolutely NOTHING AT ALL about Satanism and Wicca. Please, for your own sake and for the sake of everyone who reads that horrible page, change it so that it at least has some facts and/or information instead of mindless babble.
Learn to read between the lines and ALWAYS check those footnotes!

Just a liner



a. YES b. NO
a. YES b. NO
a. 0-9 b. 10 AND ABOVE
a. YES b. NO
a. NO b. YES

Since "PSYCHADELA" didn't bother giving me a suggestion since I answered B to all his questions, I won't bother talking about him and his little gang of witches.
Just a liner

From: Starwoman

What a pack of lies!
So True!

Just a liner

From: MW
poor mis-informed man Pay attention!
preaches that which he does not know Preaching what?
is scared of what he doesn't know Scared of what?
His religion What religion would that be? has told him that to worship any god other than his own is devils worship.
I'm a druid I'm not.
Do I worship the devil?
Not that I recall. Goody

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From: Nathan Crisp

Your web page is a collection of Christian superstition You are correct. I am the United States Air Force's 1st Wiccan Chaplain and I advertise our religious meeting in the base paper. I don't use black candles, or do black masses (what ever that is). However I am very interested in your numbers, money lost due to Witchcraft Huh, I don't recall ever saying anything regarding monies lost due to witchcraft or 3814 covens Where did I get the number 3,814 regarding the number of covens in the U.S. - Well, 3814 spells my middle name. I gave the number of satanic cults as 423 - the would be 04/23 - my birth month and date. in the U.S. I would like to challenge you to an on line debate regarding the contents of your page? An online debate sounds fun, can we discuss ignorance, judgements, and hypocrosy?

Just a liner

From: Timothy T. Conley

I found your page informative.

But I am a paganist. Your beliefs are twisted there is nothing wrong with sataists/witchcraft. They have there beliefs, and you have yours. You have no right to interfere with there beliefs. Are you a religous man? No Catholic? Wrong again! I'm guessing so, you are to much into one of your beliefs and need to be more open minded, it often drags the soul down.Thank you for reading this. Till next time
Mr. Conley, I am into my beliefs. I believe most people are narrow minded and jump to conclusions. Like yourself for example.

--MasterRame--<--- Not his REAL name!

Just a liner


From: Timothy T. Conley

I've read your fan hate/death/fan mail, and I must say you are full of yourself.....You definatly need to be woke up from your sad dream. I understand all your angles and beliefs. But you take it several steps to far.....you will hear from me probably every day, until I get your page off the web...which I will do....I myself will not take part in this though. Pause! Mr. Conley - er ahh MasterRame, how in the hell can YOU "get my page off the web" AND "not take part in this" at the same time?
I'm sane unlike your fans. You are unlike my fans alright. The people who understand the concept behind these pages are the same people who have a strong dislike for wanna be censors like yourself. The whole sanity issue will have to be left up for debate.
Put me on your page it would give me great pleasure. You got it manly man!
--MasterRame--<-- Wanna be CENSOR
Till next hour....Waiting in anticipation

Just a liner

From: Ross Fifield

After reading your information on the rituals of halloween i have discovered that what you have written is a LOAD OF BULLSHIT and BOLLOCKS. For a start one one the pentagrams you have shown is used in good magic, also the Wicca are users of good magic and the Ankh is also the symbol of life. You left off the fact that the Anarchy symbol has has nothing to do with Demonic Chaos.

As a result of this "information" I and some of my friends had a good laugh and realised that it was posted by some one who doesn't know what they're talking about. At least ya'll can laugh at the absurd

Just a liner


Who are you to say all those things?!!??
I am Jonathan C. Chance
Are you some kind of freaky religious fanatic?
Not since the last time I checked
You disgust me with your single minded and obviously uneducated views. Next time, do a little research before you go labling your page 'a public service' because you're not doing anyone any real service. You're only trying to inflict your infintile views on the poor victems who stumble onto your page.
Mr Walker, I am trying to do a public service. I am trying to teach people NOT to believe everything they read. In your case, I failed.

Just a liner

From: Kim Braden

i think you have been completely misinformed about wiccans and witchcraft. how can you put satanism and wicca together? It's easy, in fact - you just did it yourself! they are completely unrelated and this web page makes me laugh At least you have a sense of humor. maybe you should try learning about a subject before saying its evil
And maybe you should read more carefully before jumping to conclusions..

Just a liner

From: Kim Braden She's BACK!
Subject: full of shit A true lady

why do you waste your time writing this crap? To see how many close minded individuals will jump to conclusions. i have news for you-----a pentegram is not the sign of satan, it is a sybmbol of life Not once have I ever written that a pentagram was a sign of satan. also, your pathetic little ways of spotting a witch are so unbelievably stupid. I do not list ways of "spotting a witch" - You, my dear, had better read it all again!
blessed be Hypocrite

Just a liner

From: Kim Braden She is back again! Three hate letters in three days! I think I have a serial hate monger stalking me!

hello again "friend"
youre so full of yourself it's funny
but anyways, i reread your web page and i still think its full of shit and i dont care how many people think im some whiny wiccan or something but i would really love to know what you get out of writing crap like "trick or treating is a method that witches and satanists use to obtain an item from you....." Let's see, I got you pissed off enough that you have written to me three times in three days!
where do you get your information from?? do you speak from personal experience or something? As a matter of fact, I do!
what do you get out of writing such lies...... A lot of letters from angry witches.
and another thing, do you ever think of all the innocent people who have been burned for supposedly practising witchcraft? Yes, I do.

Just a liner

From: Kim Braden AGAIN!!! This makes FOUR times in THREE days!

dont bother putting this on your page
im sorry youre actually pretty funny
looking forward to hearing the truth about santa bye
Kim!! You mean you get it?!?!?!
* I realize this appears NOT to be hate mail, but I had to include it here since she is my first serial hate mailer.

Just a liner

From: "D'Arcy"

I laugh at you because you are the biggest idiot i have ever heard of!!!! How old are you???? 32 (as of this writing) If you're old enough to be married (where i'm guessing your wife is getting paid to be married to you) you need to grow up I will NEVER "grow up" and that's just one of the things my wife loves about me. You obviously need attension. Go out and find some friends you pathetic loser I think I'm the winner. I did get you to write an extremely vulgar letter to add here . I think you need some evidence to confirm these things about witchcraft No, I don't. I would put some spells on you but I'm not wating my time. besides, you're already fucked up enough. I pitty you and your family (actually, i don't think you have a family at all, probably made up to get attention) I'll be sure and tell my wife and kids that a wicked witch said I didn't really have a family. sincerely yours,
Gabrielle Probably not her real name!

Just a liner

From: CarrieGrrl bugflwr6

excuse me sir,

i have done years and years of study related to your so called public service announcement, and i find that its nothing but prehistoric crap!
what century did you come from? as a matter of fact what country did you come from?
I was born in the United States of America in 1964.
i happen to know, as a former wiccan that wicca is none of the things you profess it to be. i would appreciate it if you would not try and bash other religions to have more converts to your own. I wonder which religion that would be.
i also feel your little public service is more of a public nuisance. i think parents should be able to make up their own minds about what their children see and hear as opposed to scaring them into paranoia through lies.Wonder where this was going. Your kind is the persecuting kind that caused mass hysteria of innocent people in the salem mass. witch trials. dont even try to justify your means as a public service to others. Christianity and ignorance caused the witch trials of Salem, not people like me. If you would like, i can mail you information on the TRUE practices of the MAJORITY of SENSIBLE wiccans. not all are vampirish blood sucking child molesting satanists. get a grip on reality, believing strongly in your own religion is one thing, but crucifying others through lies and assumed facts is another.


also, i think most wiccans i know are much more sensible then most big hair preachers. calm down a bit. and an ankh is just an egyptian symbol for life peace and happieness, maybe you should adopt this symbol into your life and religion instead of using fear and falsehood and force.
You make WAY too many assumptions!

Just a liner

From: Frank Quirk

I am amazed that you lump satanists and Wiccans (who don't believe in satan) together. I know several Wiccans and have acutally attended a Hallowe'en worship of two covens. They prayed for spiritual growth, (to love more and be less wordly) they prayed for healing of sick friends.

As a non-Christian, non-Wiccan, I can't see much difference in what both religions proffess (love everybody, do the right thing) except that the Wiccans worship a loving Goddess, or a God-and Goddess combination, without satan and hell, and the Christians worship a twofold Father-Son or threefold Father-Son-Holy Spirit combination.

Personally, I am monothiestic. One God is good enough for me. :-)

Seriously, your rightminded disgust for satanism is hindered by your ignorance of Wicca. Wiccans aren't satanists, and if you say they are, all who know differently will never get to your ideas about satanists, they'll just assume you're wrong about that, too. I would be happy to discuss this with you, but please do not try to "save" me from my "evil" Wiccan friends.

Very sincerely,

Tristan Weer


Just a liner

From: Tony Toe_Knee

The ignorance and bigotry flowing from your Halloween page are quite offensive. Since it is obvious that you put absolutely no serious research into your page, I would suggest you check into the following:
Samhain, ancient Celtic harvest holiday.
Wicca, loving earth religion that empowers women.
Paganism, generic name for modern earth religions.
Satanism, Christian sect that flows against the mainstream beliefs of Christianity.
Pentagram, ancient symbol used by many many religions.

I couldn't help but notice the books you suggest I read appear to be propaganism. Don't you believe there are two sides to every coin?

Just a liner

From: Annonymous

Your facts are so distorted. Have you ever seen hippies wearing pentegrams(which represent the five elements which together make the mother goddess). You have pissed me off beyond comphrehension! You are so ignorant. You need to stop watching horror movies and stop reading Stephen King and get in touch with the reality of two VERY different and HISTORIC religions!!! Most of the stuff you said was true about Satanists, but not all(I've READ Satanic literature, and WASN'T brainwashed!!)but you were SOOOOO off base with "witches" or practitioners of wicca. The occultists you are talking about are pseudo-intellects and give these religions a bad name. You know why Satanists reverse the cross?, well they did it to the wiccan pentagram too because wiccans are peaceful and only follow the rule "and let it harm none", they believe that every spell you perform will comeback on you threefold, and they only cast good spells. Oh, maybe you should get naked once, you were born like that you know!!! I am personaly Agnostic and am just speaking out for these misunderstood and arcane religions. Since brainwashed, assimilated, blind sheep conformists(also known as Christians)might be brought to their sences and awaken their minds out of political spirituality(oxy-moron?) Anyway all I did was defend wicca(by the way they would NEVER EVER wear any red or black that's what satanists wear, oh and the ankh as I'M SUURRREE you KNOW! is an ancient egyptian symbol of life and has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OCCULT!!!) and elaborate on satanism, which in the cult aspect you were correct, but as far as the church of Satan you were dead wrong. I didn't really get a chance do any Christian bashing because that would go on for pages and pages and I would rather write somebody that understood the evils of the Christian faith and it's hypocricy!

P.S. quit hiding under the bible and read a history book instead.There is not a single bible quote used in my Halloween pages.

AVE SATANAS!!!!!!!!!,

F.Y.I. - I hate Stephen King! H. P. Lovecraft is a much better author.

Just a liner

From: Toe_Knee

You, like most christians (STOP! You have already shown your ignorance by assuming I am a Christian. You failed to ask me what , if any, religion I believe in. This fact alone makes the rest of your email invalid!), don't seem to understand that your constant attacks on the beliefs of others as satanic or demonic are what fuels the violence, hatred, and bigotry inherent to american society.

Churches burning, hangings, bashings, wars, and other attacks made in the name of a 2,000 year old hippie are all led by scared people like yourself and justified by your self propogating paranoia. If you consider yourself a true christian, perhaps you should study what Jesus was trying to teach...


Just a liner

Tige Lowe


Just a liner

From: brucee

Paranoid extremist like you are much more dangerous than a little harmless Halloween fun. I don't know whether you dressed up in Halloween costumes, carved Jack-o-lanterns and went trick-or-treating or not, but I did, and look whose is preaching hate.
I still dress in Halloween costumes, carve Jack-o-lanterns, and go trick-or-treating with my kids. I preach against ignorance and judgemental thinking.

Bruce Evans
Halloween practicianer and proud of it.

Just a liner

NyteWind ironic

Sir.....your pages have quite a few "facts" that are untrue. You really should consider doing more research before you start slandering people.
I personally do not believe in satanism or worshiping the devil or evil spirits, but as for witches....there are good witches, often called hedge witches.....they practice herbal healing and care for the environment. Not that I am a witch..... for I more likely follow Celtic Shamanism.....but that doesn't mean I close my mind to at least trying to understand or learn a little about various "religions". I don't begrudge anyone their own personal beliefs nor do I promote false facts about them either.

Just a liner

From: Bob Jankuski

To Whom it may concern:

Sir I just looked over your web page, and I couldn't believe my eyes. First how could you link Witches and satanists together??? Satan is a creation of Christianity, and Witches do not even believe in any form of a Satan. Second, the pentagram is a symbol of life, top right point, air next point fire next is water next is earth and the last upper point is spirit. Five elements that without one life as we know it could not exist. However I concede that there are rather disturbed persons who use these symbols for thier own means, however I would guess to say that you view the cross as a Christian symbol and not a symbol of white supremacy. If Halloween is so evil then you must also thing Christmas, Easter, Mayday, the equinox, and all sould day equally evil since they are all Pagan Holy Days as Halloween is. I believe that you are a victim of fear through ignorance, which is not uncommon however please before disrespecting your faith and others by false accusations and misdirected thought, look at historical fact amoung other sources. If you would have done that you would have found that Witches,Pagans, Wiccans etc will not and can not control hurt or otherwise control another person due to the law of karma. That is what ever you do hoose will return to you three times over good or bad. I would hope that in the future that you will research your topics and leave the ignorance at the door. That the ideas that you may voice in the future are based in fact instead of stereotype.
Thank You
Bob Jankuski
A Pagan for religious freedom
It's really easy to link Witches and Satanist together. I can link Bob Dole and Atheists together too.

Just a liner

From: "William E. McCammon"

I wear black a lot. I wear black a lot because I LOOK good in black (I do too!)(have you ever heard of Johnny Cash - or do you think he's the devil too?)As a matter of fact, I do think Johnny Cash is the devil - but that's beside the point..

I also sleep in the nude a lot. I sleep in the nude a lot because I have wonderful monogamous sex with my wife a lot. I sleep in the nude too. For the same reason, except I have sex with my wife not yours.

If either of these make me some sort of cult-following satanist, you need to quit listening to Rush Limbaugh so much F.Y.I. - Why should I listen to Rush when I have all these letters from judgemental people who jump to conclusions? , and re-define your bigotry to exclude normal ? folks like me.

P.S. I hope you get LOTS more Email from other offended folks who saw your webpage on the Spanq guide-page.
Me too!
P.S.S. Isn't there a passage about "thou shalt not judge"... practice all of your bible, or don't practice any at all please. I was unaware that I had written a bible. Could you be kind enough to mail me a copy? Hell, mail me two copies and I'll autograph one for you!

Just a liner

From: searsa
fuck you all
Short, sweet, and to the point.

Just a liner

From: Ernest Simpson
Has anyone every told you that you were paranoid? (YES) If not, I will... I am not a satanist; I am not a witch. I am a christian in every meaning of the Word Except you've already judged me. But I have a black cat, named Danti (After Danti - as in Inferno) (Great name! My cat's name is Jadian. It is an ancient word meaning Were-tiger.), I dress in fun costumes for Halloween and I love to look at full moons(Me too). Ocassionally, I sleep in the nude and I enjoy being naked, it's almost natural in this very superficial world(I agree)! Does that make me EVIL?!(Not unless you kill, steal, rape, molest, or commit any number of other crimes) I don't think so. As a matter of fact, I think you are the one who is evil perpetuating this crap about blood thirsty lunatics prowling every nieghborhood in America(That is a great title! Blood Thirsty Lunatics Are Prowling Every Nieghborhood In America! Mind if I use that?). Get a grip and some therapy!(Can I borrow some of your Prozac?)
Sincerely yours,
Jeremy Collette

Just a liner

From: mark dupuy

As a matter of fact, Jack o' lanterns were used by the druids at harvest time to ward off evil spirits and encourage a good crop. the costumes were also worn the night prior to all saints day for the porpose of repelling evil, and was supposed to frighten demons off the earth. The correlation between halloween and all saints day is still debated, but one of the most popular theories was that it was started by the catholic chuch to scare off the worlds demons, to cleanse the way for all saints day. Halloween parties, in and of themselves do NOT promote evil, but black candles, oujia boards, pentacles of salt, mirrors, and crystals can all be used to channel spirits ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, (yes, even christmas). Also, having more than one pet could mean the person in question happens to LOVE pets (I own two cats as well as other domestic animals...They're cool and I am not a satanist). What else can I say except that you are wrong on so many points that it's rediculous. If you are going to make bold assertions, do some research.
Okay - BYE BYE

Just a liner

From: Rebelgirl

you've got to be kidding me right? Yes that whole satanist web page? thats total BS and its also discriminatory in itself. What ever happned to freedom of religion and the like. I am catholc (soon to be unitarien) Huked On Fonix Wurked For Her but i have friends who are satanists and while i don't agre with them i believe that they have the right to chose what religion they wan to be. Furthmore, i don't think this public servie announcement is affective becos people (rebels like me) would rather go against anything you say then agree with it. If you wre defending rape victims or anything like that i'd be on yr said but the fact that yr putting down this silly superstition is Ridiculous! i enjoy my pumpkins and trick or treqters that knock on my door and i trust people to Hope they they wouldn't cast evil on me. Lastly, how dare you say an ankh is a devilish sigh! it is a sign of life an death and peace in other spiritual religions. Please don't warn people about what u truel do not know about.
Happy halloween. ********wendi
Do you spell like that because you are a rebel?

Just a liner

From: nard
True. Halloween's traditions are from century old lore and pagan ceremonies.
Just a reminder-- We are almost entering the 21st century -- and as fairly intelligent and sentient beings, we are quite capable of distinquishing fact from fancy.
Ther always will be strange, and even evil people in our midst, but poking fun at our inner ghosts and the things that scare us at Hallowe'en time , I believe is not only good clean fun, but HEALTHY.
And by the way -- your criteria for identification of the EVIL ones is rather silly..."people who wear a lot of balack and or red"???? Come clean!!!(Okay, I'll shower twice, but do I need to bring my own booze?)
There are some nasty folk around who really take mythology and folklore too far -- but even WICCA is just as much a religion as Chritianity -- (and by the way -- I'm Catholic.) Wiccans or withches practice their faith as a devotion to nature , earth and her mysteries... which on our nutty planet and at the rate at which humankind has destroyed the environment -- that isn't such a bad mandate for religion.
Halloween isn't a bad thing. It isn't a holiday or a ritual -- it is a night where we can come together as friends , laugh at our fears, scare ourselves silly and celebrate the beauty of the fall season.
Your page sounds likr you need to cope with a few inner demons....
Happy Hallowe'en!!!
Erin Gorman

Just a liner

From: Thomas Caraker
My familiar tells me you are full of bologna! Thanks for lumping us poor Wiccan's in with those idiot Satanists. You need to research more. Most of your stuff is bull. Get a grip!
Oh, and btw, I'll light a candle and say a prayer to the Goddess for you, that you might be better educated.
Blessed BE!
Tell your familiar that I said "HELLO". Maybe I should have stuck this one in the JUST NUTS section.

Just a liner

From: "J. Cegla"

So... you are saying that if a person wears black or red and has one or more pets they are Satanic? OK. I wear black a lot when I want to look "chic" and I wear red because it looks good on me. I hav two pets, a cat and a turtle. I go out almost every night to coffeehouses so I must be out on nights with Full Moons frequently. I am, however, a very devote Christian. Explain that.
Re-read the whole damned thing. If you still think I said you are a satanist because you wear black or red and have pets, might I suggest you read it a third time with a dictionary in your hand. Good luck!

Just a liner

From: Kathy Bates
I hope you are kidding...otherwise... Baloney! Does your mother know you're hate-mongering like this? If this is a joke, it is *not* funny.

Before you go calling people *satanic*, please do your homework and talk to somebody who knows for real what *is* going on...which is nothing like the stuff you are putting on the net.

Unconditionally loving people is the message God gave, and I cringe when I see these kinds of things out there...it incites the ignorant to do violence to people they don't understand.

May you see the error of your ways, and take this hateful stuff off the web.

A little heavenly love and understanding will go much further than this, any day!

God bless you anyway...you know not what you do.

Kathy Bates a concerned websurfer.
You'll notice a trend here. The Christians think I'm an Atheist and the Pagans, Witches, and Satanists think I'm a Christian.

Just a liner

I am sorry but your page is very offensive to me. Just because a person decides to wear black and have alternate veiws, they are NOT demonic or anything of the sort. This is a sickening display of piousness that has gone too far.

Halloween parties needn't be wicked nor vile, if you have not researched the origins of Halloween, how can you judge the present day standings? Do you celebrate New Year's Eve? Are you aware that Halloween is merely a Celebration that was once New Years Eve, only more superstitious? But I know that you know all about superstition. An anarchy sign is purely political, and I know that most people involved in deep religiousness aren't neccesarily "bright" when it comes to politics.

I hope that in the future you will not assume such things from your fellow humans.

Jessica Redmond
Oh No! She said assume!

Just a liner

I can say, as a Pagan and a Witch, that I in no way, shape or form, find this little tirade of yours amusing or worth the time and effort that you have put into it. What exactly did you have in mind by spreading this kind of unmitigated bullshit about the religion of Witchcraft?. I can only hope that your words will fade away and that small minds like yours will be unable to provide genes for the next generation.
Thanks for making this one short. "Unmitigated bullshit = Propaganda"

Just a liner

* I have decided to give credit to the authors of the hate mail and death threats I receive.

Just a liner

-Don & Brenda Bozarth wrote
Dear Don & Brenda,
F.Y.I. I have two careers, a lovely wife, three wonderful children, do volunteer work for two different orginizations, and take what little free time I have to answer inane three word letters like yours. I'd say I've got a life.

Just a liner

eehgsh wrote


Excuse me sir, but I think that you should seriously read some books and find out for your self what HALLOWEEN is all about.

Here's one for you... where do easter eggs come from? How about Christmas trees? um, lets see. How about pierced earrings? what else can I think of that traces back to our pagan roots before that guy died and became as a God??????

didn't God state that you shouldn't worship false idols? What about worshiping CHRIST????? you're praying to a dead guy, who you have no real proof is really an extension of God...? Be real here!

are you truely afraid of your past? READ YOUR RELIGIOUS HISTORY!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

%^&$#@@$%&^&*(&%#%^&*(*&&^%$_!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

.... some people....
Exactly! SOME PEOPLE know not what they talk about. You should considering asking me what, if any, religious beliefs I hold before ASSUMING anything about me.

Just a liner

Brian Jay Bidinger wrote
I first found your pages by linking in from my network provider's homepage, who, as you requested did not link to your homepage but directly to one of your articles. Since the article, unlike your homepage, does not state up front that your purpose was to amuse and entertain, it appears that your intent is to offend and promote ignorance. Comedy which contains racial, ethnic or religous slurs can be quite funny. But only if the audience knows its a joke. I'd like to think that it is not your intent to make people angry before they laugh, and I'd like to think that you don't enjoy all of the hate mail that your web page indicates you receive. But since it would be so easy to make most of these people laugh by simply placing a "published by Propaganda for the Paranoid" banner at the beginning of your articles instead of the end, I have to wonder why you haven't?........
I did accomplish 1/2 of what I set out to do. I got you to THINK and to REACT! I failed in getting you to not believe everything that is in print, and laugh at the absurd. If I had put the warning you suggest at the beginning of my article, you probably would not have read it. I know I wouldn't have.

Just a liner

jacobite wrote
Are you nuts??? Because I sleep naked and own a dog I'm a Satanist?
I must interject here. There is NO statement in the Halloween article that says if you sleep naked and own a dog you are a satanist.
It's that Joe McCarthy-like blanket approach to idealogy that causes so much predjudice and hate in the world. I assume you're a "fundamentalist" Christian - well here's one for you: "Judge thou not, lest ye be judged yourself."
People assume too much, don't they?

Just a liner

anubis writes:

It is good to know your address

On your WEB PAGE, You slander the Wiccans, You slander the Pagans, You slander the Egyptians, You slander the Satanists, You slander the Demonologists, hell you even slander NUDISTS.

Well you bunch of Puritans, prepare for war. The Covens nor the Pagans, nor any other group shall put up with this EVER AGAIN. For we are OUT of the burning times. And we SHALL have justice.
I'm glad you have my address too. My lawyer is waiting to hear from your lawyers. See you in court sweet cheeks!

Just a liner

Abigale Dow writes:

Perhaps you should start double checking your information before posting slander on your web site! Your innformation is based on pop culture and TV, not the truth. And the truth shall set you free!!

Blessed Be

Dear Abby...... Nevermind

Just a liner

Concerning The Miraculous Winking Jesus:

Just a liner

From: Carla
Subject: RE: Flame Me!

Dear Mr. Chance,

I was given your "Winking Jesus" url by a friend. They thought it quite funny. I found it different to say the least. I checked you out. Please NOTE! Carla checked me out before emailing me. This one little fact brings tears of joy to my eyes. You think I jest? wrong! I found that the graphic was an animation that looped once. I also decided to feret out your home page and then consequently checked out your other examples of peoples gullibility.
I agree with you in principle. Everything you have said is the absolute truth. We, (and I am speaking collectively) as a society are always looking for a thrill! Never checking behind what something stands for. Just opening our mouths and gulping the "hook" down. I was even taken in by the graphic before I bothered to check it out. And shame on me! Thank you for once again opening my eyes.
The Book of Proverbs has some pretty good advice in it. (Prov. 21:1 "Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs and tries the heart." Proverbs 21:11 "When the scofffer is punished, the fool gets a lesson in being wise, but men of godly wisdom and good sense learn by being instructed." (God can even use you Mr. Chance) Proverbs 14:24 "The crown of the wise is their wealth of wisdom, but the foolishness of (self-confident) fools is (nothing but) folly." ) The only "fool" I want to be is a "fool" for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I think that we should all heed what the bible has to say.
I have responded to your "Winking Jesus" page on our site if you would like to check it out! :o) http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/2595/beaware.html
I know that you have stated quite volubly that you don't believe in God Mr. Chance, but I send you blessings in Jesus name and I pray that He will be able to reach you one day.

In Jesus always,
Carla Becker

Some have called me "a tool of satan", others call me "a tool of jesus". I'm just happy I can be a tool for some! I appreciate your Winking Jesus Hoax page. I think of it as "a tool for The Miraculous Winking Jesus". Just a liner

I think that this is a pathetic site that demeans true miracles, perhaps you should take a reality check from the world of the lame duck, and get a life, have a nice day.
God Bless, and fuck you
Nice christian thought for the day!

Just a liner

what a crock! It is!

Just a liner

I think that this is a horrible blasphemy. You are in big trouble with God! You will burn for this.

Just a liner

This has got to be the biggest load of crap I've ever seen. Not only are you totally arrogant about yourself but your ignorance will condemn you future. I REALLY do feel sorry for you wife and family.

Just a liner

"Tim" writes:

I think this is a fraud ... You have just created a CGI script....or some such I have reported you to the Vatican....You will be sorry when the inquisition get their hands on you!!! Not to mention the eternal punishment that you face in hell...
Timmy, my boy - It ain't no CGI script! The Vatican has NOT made a statement regarding The Miraculous Winking Jesus. I'm pretty sure they are putting together a team of scholars to investigate this miracle as I write you this.

Just a liner

"Fuck you crazy asshole"
Well said.

Just a liner

"This site is annoying and bs just like Jesus.It's just a trick of the eye fool"
This site is annoying and bull shit, but it is not a trick of the eye fool.

Just a liner

"You are the biggest bullshitter i have ever seen on the web have you ever considered a career in politics?"
Yes, I have

Just a liner

"This is CRAP! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You will burn in HELL!"
Judge not, lest ye be judged

Just a liner

"What kind of an asshole are you? Why do you mock Jesus and Christians? Repent and remove this web page."
Where do I begin?

Just a liner

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