The Donors
Below you will find the list of people who have been kind enough to send donations. Your donation and info will be added to this list unless you request anonymity.

First donation! On July 2 1997 I received this rupee with a unsigned letter that reads:
"When Pakistan becomes a world economic power this rupee will be worth 5000 times what it is today, or about a dollar. Get a job Jonathan."
On October 11 1997 I received this Central Bank of Egypt Twenty pound note. I lost the note that came with it. I'm sorry. 2nd donation!
3rd donation! On November 21 1997 I received this U.S. Two dollar bill. The note enclosed read:
"May the coming year bring you twice as much money as you need"
Signed - J. Monarch
On December 18 1997 I received this U.S. Quarter. The note reads:
"Calls someone who cares" Signed - B. Moorehead

Mr. Moorehead, local pay phones charge 35 cents here. Thanks for the thought.

4th donation!

Total donations received as of November 03, 2010: ONE RUPEE, TWENTY POUNDS, A TWO DOLLAR BILL, ONE QUARTER, a Paypal donation of $1.00 from Amy, and a Paypal donation of 37 cents from Clinton!

* "Boy" is added to prevent unauthorized use of image.

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