Santa on alcohol and drugs:

01/13 - Those fucking little elves have let my supply of scotch run out. Guess I'll have to announce one name of the chosen elves for the annual sacrifice.

03/07 - Got really shitfaced last night. Still hung over and forgot who or what I fucked last nite!

06/29 - If that cunt doesn't stop telling me I need to go to A.A., I'll blow her fucking head off!

10/11 - Finally got to try herion! It's much funner than crystal. Those fucking elves still swear that those "magic mushrooms" won't grow on reindeer shit!

11/03 - My track marks are looking pretty shitty. Guess I'll switch to crack until after christmas eve.

11/21 - Mrs. Claus, the cunt, called the police cause she said I was freaking out on crack. I had to smile a lot and give both the fucking pigs blow up sex dolls just to get them off my back.

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